Power System Design

Power Control Engineers (PCE) provides a range of electrical engineering design services for both private networks and contestable projects. We have experience in designing Low Voltage and High Voltage systems, including sub-transmission systems up to 132kV.

High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) Design

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, Power Control Engineers provides a range of design and specification services for private networks up to 132kV. We have particular experience and knowledge working in brownfield sites.

Our design services include:

  • Motor Control Centres
  • LV Switchboards 
  • HV Switchboards (Specifications)
  • Electrical Network Design
  • Specifications for electrical equipment
  • Earthing systems


Power Line Design - Overhead and Underground

The Design team at PCE offers years of design experience together with a practical knowledge of power line construction practices. Most of the team have gained their experience with Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP), Ausgrid, designing feeders from the Low Voltage level to the sub-transmission (33kV, 66kV and 132kV) level. And with years spent project managing the construction of power lines, our team will deliver you exceptional outcomes throughout the project cycle.

Power line design is often required for:

  • The development of large-scale land sites
  • Alterations to mining sites requiring asset relocation
  • Up-rating a private feeder to suit new power demands
  • Large commercial expansions
  • The development of residential property
  • Road widening projects
  • Relocation of utility assets 


Whether you are at pre-tender stage or are ready to talk to a Network Service Provider (NSP), contact PCE so we can assist you with your design requirements. If you require our Contestable Design services as a Level 3 Accredited Service Provider (ASP3), refer to our Level 3 ASP page for more details.

Overhead Line Design

PCE prides itself on delivering outstanding Overhead Line (OHL) design solutions using the latest Engineering Design software. With our extensive OHL design experience, the team at PCE will not only comply with AS/NZS 7000 and NSP Design Standards, but deliver you a design solution that considers the construction methods to be employed. And we don’t just own the latest Engineering Design software, like Power Line Systems PLS-CADD, we have extensive real-world experience in using the software. This will ensure that we can model and analyse your most complex arrangements to both your satisfaction and that of any certifying authority. PCE also offer our design expertise to other engineering firms that require assistance with power line design modelling.

When you engage PCE, you can expect that all aspects of the OHL design will be managed professionally, including:

  • Assessment of the route with you – our client
  • Environmental assessments
  • Modelling the electrical network with the latest engineering software – Power Line Systems PLS-CADD and PowerMation Poles 'n' Wires – ensuring compliance with AS/NZS 7000 and the relevant NSP Design Standards
  • Calculation of forces on poles and conductors
  • Specification and analysis of timber, concrete and steel poles
  • Analysis of clearances and conductor blowout
  • Specification of stay wires, pole footings, and earthing measures
  • OHL Design drawings to NSP Standards, including route plans, construction schedules, stringing tables, clearance profiles, pole arrangement and fabrication drawings, and other details as required by the constructor


Underground Line Design

Underground (UG) Line Design is a complex task often requiring deep analysis (pun intended!). Some consider UG design to be as simple as drawing a line on paper, but this could not be further from the truth. PCE understands the intricacies of UG design gained from years of experience in designing underground power systems from Low Voltage to 132kV. When you engage PCE, you can expect that your UG design will be thoroughly considered, including:

  • Assessment of the route with you – our client
  • Environmental assessments
  • Electrical network modelling
  • Analysis of existing underground and above ground impediments
  • Calculation of cable ratings to IEC60287 and NSP Design Standards
  • Calculation of cable installation tensions and pressures
  • Specification of underbores (where required)
  • Specification of cables, conduits, back-fill, Underground-to-Overhead (UGOH) poles, and associated materials
  • Underground Line Design drawings to NSP Standards, including route plans, trench sections, cable pulling schedules, and other details as required by the constructor



PCE provide our clients with professional electrical drafting services using a suite of software packages. The following list details our general drafting services, but we can adapt our services to suit your project needs:

  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Control Schematics
  • Termination Diagrams
  • Equipment General Arrangements
  • Site General Arrangement
  • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Loop Diagrams
  • Contestable Design Drawings Packages
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